How do you create such an awesome stage show?

It's quite simple, really.  With the single exception of open flame, just about everything you see in an Alive! '75 show is real.

Nothing is fake, nothing is “cheesey.”  Nothing is just “almost right” or just “good enough” or just “close enough”...  We looked at other tribute acts that kinda do something that sorta looks like maybe it's the real thing – that was not going to work for Alive! '75. 

No cardboard boxes, no props, no reasonable facsimiles or close representations.  It's all real. 

Those are real Marshall stacks and real Ampeg cabinets and the Band is really playing through them.  That drum kit is a 1972 Ludwig kit, designed and built to the same specification as Peter's kit in 1975, right down to the metal-flake bass drum logo.  That illuminated KISS logo is four-feet high and nine-feet wide.  That smoking guitar employs the same technology that Ace has used over the years.  It's all real. 

See those revolving beacons?  Those are real, dual-halogen fired and they would be right at home atop a full-size hook and ladder.  The candelabra is a custom-built wrought-iron replica, created by a local artisan and based upon a detailed spec from the original 1975 stage candelabra (special thanks to Len DeLessio for providing detailed photographs of the original candelabra).  That guitar that gets smashed to close the show is real.  It's all real. 

If it was there in 1975, it's there in Alive! '75.  If it was happening then, it is happening now with Alive! '75.  And it's all real!  It is the ULTIMATE classic KISS experience!