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This is the closest that you're gonna get to the real glory days of KISS!”

JR Smalling, the "Voice" of the Alive! album and KISS' original Road Manager, 3/28/15

These guys are awesome!  Good show and friendly guys!
 — Ron Osborne via Facebook comment, 12/26/19

What a blast!!  So much talent in one room...amazing!!  Thanks for a great time!!
 — Laura Supa Griffith via Facebook comment, 12/8/19

AWESOME, AWESOME show!!!!! Definitely must see again and again!
 — Denise DeVivo Bertol via Facebook comment, 12/8/19

Alive! '75 – the best KISS tribute band EVER!
 — Joey Jam Neverowicz via Facebook post, 11/17/19

Most impressive my KISS Army Cohorts!  100%   \m/ 
 — Keith Hicks via Facebook post, 11/6/19

 — Kruger Victor via Facebook comment, 10/30/19

Just heard you for the first time Alive! '75, and damn!  The show is one thing, but Paul and Gene, you sound like Paul and Gene!  That's not easy.
 — Mark J. Mellberg via Facebook comment, 10/6/19

Seen them one time so far – wow A75 to me are as good as the real deal at this time in there lives. But its not just the music – you all have its looks, sound, great stage show. You are KISS!  \m/  \m/
 — Thomas Pope via Facebook comment, 10/3/19

Great band they kill it!  I saw them a few times and can't wait to come back around the Philly area.
 — Joseph Mcclung via Facebook comment, 10/3/19

Alive! '75, in my opinion is the Best KISS tribute band out there!
 — Scott J. Szell via Facebook post, 9/12/19

That is awesome! Beyond what anyone would expect from a tribute band! Too cool!
 — Michael Cartwright via Facebook comment, 7/24/19

Our Heroes of the '70s came alive with a first class Rock 'n Roll Spectacular!
The Best hits of KISS with outrageous music, smoke, lights, blood and fire!
No one should miss the over the top skill and detail this Band portrays!  Rock On ALIVE! '75!!!
 — Thomas "Thomi Hawk" Hickey‎ via Facebook post 7/24/19

Yes it was hotter than hell..  I was a sweat ball in the audience can only imagine the stage!  You guys put on an awesome show!  I will be sure to see you guys again!  Thanks for rocking the house and kicking our asses with Kiss music!!  High Fives!
 — Ron Osborne via Facebook comment, 7/21/19

You guys are awesome even though it was a Hot night you still put on one Hell of a show - can’t wait to see you again!
 — Robert Bumpus via Facebook comment, 7/21/19

Great show, you guys are so good!
 — Maria Bertolli via Facebook comment, 7/21/19

You guys were amazing.  I have seen KISS in concert and you guys Rock!!!  It was also my first time seeing you guys.  I was impressed.  I cant wait to see you again!
 — Diane Geiger via Facebook comment,

Last time at the CHANCE my son Christoper got Paul's guitar!  We'll all be back - never miss u guys when u come through!  Definitely the BEST KISS tribute band there is!!!  Cannot wait to rock out with u guys once again!!!  ROCK ON GENTLEMEN!!!
 — Michael Lucas via Facebook comment, 7/1519

Gentleman: just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how impressed I was with your show last night in Teaneck. You are without question the best KISS tribute I have ever seen...  you all unquestionably have the mannerisms and sound down pat!
 — Tommy Behnke via Facebook message, 6/9/19

Such a kick ass show!!!  The energy and the set list was incredible! I play guitar because of Ace and I watching the new guy a lot, he was spottttt onnn!!!!  Killer leads and vocals sounded awesome! 
 — Jeff Heff via Facebook comment, 6/9/19

A performance that always on point!  Never fails!  Can’t wait to rock on with you guys for a 4th time!
 — Christopher Schifano via Facebook comment, 6/7/19

I'd rather see alive 75 then kiss because alive 75 is more like kiss then kiss!
 — Chris Thunderz via Facebook post, 4/2/19

Kudos to you guys. You’re killing it!
 — Anthony Pool via Facebook comment, 4/2/19

Caught the show last night Sherman Theater and you guys killed it! My young KISS fan can’t stop talking about it!
 — Shane Robert‎ via Facebook post, 12/9/18

I can't say enough about Alive '75 after the show tonight in Stroudsburg, PA...
I could not have hoped for a better experience for Joey's first real concert ever.
This band is a class act that really tries to make the experience great for kids.
 — Joseph Sainclair‎ via Facebook post 12/9/18

ou guys sounded awesome. So glad we went!
 — Chris Wardick via Facebook comment, 11/14/18

The band couldn’t of played better! Great performances from all... keep on rocking!
 — Christopher Schifano‎ via Facebook comment, 11/12/18

 — Marcia Christina via Facebook comment, 9/28/18

Awesome show at the Strand Theater tonight!  Best part was [my] handsome little rock and roller getting to take home a piece of the guitar!  He is definitely going to remember his first concert now!  Thanks guys!
 — Jackie Caravella‎ via Facebook post, 9/28/18

The most outrageous... fantastic KISS performance ever seen!!!!  Yeah!  Luv you guys!
 — Diana LaSala via Facebook comment, 9/1/18

The music, effects and connection and interaction with the audience were all top notch! Can’t wait to see you guys again!
 — Jeremy Brown via Facebook comment, 7/15/18

Thanks for the GREAT SHOW!!!!! (as always).  I brought 3 non-KISS fans with me and they loved the show and loved taking pics with you guys even more!
 — Paschalis Cap via Facebook post, 4/29/18

They're more authentic than the actual band
 — Jon Wardell via Facebook comment, 4/10/18

This is literally like being at one of the real shows!
 — Toni Petersen Liebezeit via Facebok comment, 4/1/18

You guys were awesome...we had a blast! I'll definitely be a frequent flyer at your Philly shows!
 — Diane Jarosz DeLessio via Facebok comment, 3/25/18

We had a great time!  I took my 12 year-old right up-front during God of Thunder.
The show was outstanding.  Will definitely be attending future shows in our area!
 — Ben Komadina via Facebook comment 3/17/18

Best show I ever saw, you are amazing!  Cannot wait to see you again - please come back!
 — Kevin Stevenson via Facebook comment, 3/17/18

Thank you Alive 75 , we had a great time. We all (my family) thought your show was awesome. My Dylan keeps asking when you’re coming back.
 — Sue Jones-Whalen via Facebook comment, 3/12/18

I am a huge KISS fan and I know almost every move of the live show!  You guys captured it, all the moves, a job well done by all!
 — Steve Yosko via Facebook message, 3/11/18


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Alive! '75 On Stage

"...one of the greatest KISS Tributes ever!"

— Michael Cavacini, Award-winning Arts & Culture Blog, 9/22/15

"Incredible!  When you sang Black Diamond –
it gave me chills!"

— Lydia Criss, back-stage at MCCC, 11/21/15

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