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This is the closest that you're gonna get to the real glory days of KISS!”

JR Smalling, the "Voice" of the Alive! album and KISS' original Road Manager, 3/28/15

You boys got it down to the Catmans tattoo!
 — Mark Goddard via Facebook comment, 12/21/17

Awesome show!!!  Thank you for a great time.  My 12 year old son had a blast!!  Close as you can get to the real thing!
 — Chris Stone via Facebook comment 12/3/17

As close as you can get to the real thing!
 — Len DeLessio via Instagram comment, 10/3/17

The best KISS tribute bands in the world. Go see them when they are in your neighborhood!
 — Christopher Kennedy via Facebook comment, 9/30/17

I have seen Kiss 35 times live and multiple, multiple tribute bands.  You guys are spot on!  Kudos!!
 — Ron Kaplan via Facebook comment, 9/30/17

What an awesome bunch of guys!  If you've missed this Band you NEED to get to their show!
 — Jessica Search via Facebook comment, 9/12/17

This band is incredible.  Been a Kiss fan for over 40 years and I felt like I was right back in the good ole days. How great to see them bring kids backstage for pictures!
 — Joseph Miller via Facebook comment, 6/27/17

Surprised me!!  I never heard a tribute band so close to the real thing in my life!!  And watching the Gene on stage was like watching the real Gene!!!  It was amazing!!!!
 — Jodi Gigliotti Walsh via Starland Ballroom community page, 6/25/17

It was like watching KISS!
 — Stephen Coppa via Starland Ballroom community page, 6/25/17

Got to experience it with my father who is and has been an AVID KISS FAN his whole life.
He told me that what I witnessed was SPOT ON to when he saw his in the 70s...
 — Jake De Lucca via Facebook comment 6/25/17

Love how you love your fans!  Can't wait to see you perform again!
 — Dawn Galbraith via Facebook comment, 6/24/17

Definitely the best KISS tribute band!
 — Eric Roswell via Facebook comment, 6/11/17

Awesome!  The voice is the closest thing to Paul Stanley I ever heard!
 — Fabrizio D'Alonzo via Facebook comment, 6/11/17

ALIVE! '75 THANK YOU for the trip back to my teenage years!
 — Thomi Hawk via Facebook comment, 6/11/17

I was at the expo last night and you guys were awesome!  You were real troopers in spite of the delay. It was well worth it and I'd recommend your show to any serious Kiss fan!
 — Al Contursi via Facebook comment, 6/11/17

You simply will not find a better and more talented KISS tribute then these guys from Alive! '75!
 — Andy Miller via Facebook comment, 5/21/17

These guys are the greatest tribute band I've ever seen.  They totally know how to rock....  You guys are something special!
 — Jayden Scotty Mangino via website Facebook comment, 5/21/17

Your show is spot on, and for the 2 hrs that you guys are performing... it is 1975-76!
I have seen a bunch of tribute KISS bands – you guys by far are the big dogs of the pack.
 — Jeff Heffernan via Facebook comment 5/19/17

I have to say I was extremely impressed with your performance.  It was like (the) winterland video but in color.  Just an awesome job...  You guys are something special!
 — Christopher Ruffino via website e-mail link, 2/14/17

I've seen cover bands but these guys go the extra mile.  This band was full energy and flawless. This wasn't a show, it was an experience.  If you didn't know they weren't KISS, you would think they were KISS!
 — Warren via website contact form, 2/12/17

My little guy is telling everyone about the "fist pump" he received from The Man himself (the Demon).  Thank you for making this an unforgettable event for him!
 — Carissa Lynn via Facebook Comment, 12/20/16

I have seen KISS, Metallica, Prince, Gwar...  All these really incredible shows... and I still rank my times seeing you at the top.  Not lip service, truth.  You guys are incredible and true FUN!
 — Joshua Mitchell via Facebook Comment, 11/26/16

Alive! '75 put on a great show at the Sherman Theater.  Totally amazed with this Band!
 — Chris Alena via Facebook Comment, 11/20/16

Third row and I felt the heat from that flame where I was sitting!
Yes, definitely an awesome show for sure!
 — Tannie Lee via Facebook comment, 11/20/16

Like stepping back to the 70s  pretty awesome!
 — Brian Baker via Facebook Comment, 11/20/16

I would see you guys every weekend if possible. 2 of the happiest nights of my life were seeing you at Rams Head Live. So. Much. Fun!
 — Joshua Mitchell via Facebook Comment, 9/10/16

Excellent show!  Great to see earlier stage, outfits and hear all earlier material.  This was a quality show, great detail!!
 — Bob Sitser via Facebook Comment, 8/28/16

 — Rick Boo Mccloskey via Facebook Comment, 7/31/16

What a great show!  You guys honestly sounded better than KISS did last time I saw them (with Motley Crue) back in 2012 and played with a LOT more energy too! Congrats on a killer show and I look forward to catching you again soon!
 — Robert Bongiardino via Facebook Comment, 7/31/16

I'm still smiling after last night's show at the Queen Theater in Wilmington, Delaware...  You guys nail every nuance of a KISS concert. The music is as authentic as the visual experience.
 — David Short via website contact form, 7/10/16

You guys were freakin' AWESOME!!!
Love you guys absolutely — best KISS tribute I ever seen!
 — Dave Rogers via website contact form, 6/6/16

By far, the best KISS tribute band around!
 — Tony Hrica via Facebook comment, 5/21/16

Speechless!!! Frigging awesome!!!! Great turn out! Loved it!
 — Philip Royes via website contact form, 4/30/16

Instead of a tribute band you guys should call yourselves the ultimate KISS experience!!!  You guys were more like KISS than KISS!!!  Killed it that night!!!
 — Jim Wakefield via Facebook comment, 4/12/16

The best KISS tribute Ive ever seen!  (...and Ive seen a lot!)
 — John Hamilton via Facebook comment, 4/10/16

Just saw Alive! '75 at the Lost Horizon in Syracuse, NY.  Best KISS tribute band I've seen by far.  My friends and I had the time of our lives watching these guys - and to hang with them after the show made them more personable.  Great people!  Word of mouth is spreading fast how great of a show this is...
 — Don Stroup via website contact form, 4/10/16

Oh yeah!  I wanted the best I get the best - the hottest tribute in the world Alive! '75!
 — Todd Hartpence via Facebook comment, 4/1/16

Seeing the actual show was just awesome!
Great sound, lights, effects. The ultimate '75 experience!
 — Mike Shrouds via Facebook comment, 3/24/16

Great show, can't wait to see you guys again!
 — Joseph McClung via Facebook comment, 3/22/16

You guys killed it - Great show!!
 — Melissa Schappell via Facebook comment, 3/20/16

I think they rock!
 — Paul Carlberg via Facebook comment, 2/15/16

Had a fantastic, awesome time last nite at revolution.  You guys are the best Kick Ass tribute band to Kiss  I ever seen.
 — Diana La Sala via Facebook message, 2/7/16

Great show!  Loved hearing all the classics from the Alive era.
 — John J. Gleeland via Facebook comment, 2/7/16
You guys were awesome!!  Thanks so much for an amazing time!!
 — Paul Schmidt via Facebook comment, 2/7/16

I was so amazed at the last show.  You all put on such a performance that is so faithful.
 — Scott Freel via Facebook message, 1/20/16

I've seen your band, and a few other KISS tribute bands, and I can honestly say that you guys put on the best show.  From the theatrical parts to the musicianship, you guys are good!  Hopefully, the tour will bring you back to Baltimore.
— Tony Hrica via Facebook comment, 1/18/16

From day one of seeing your show, I love it and can't wait to see it again!
 — Sam Dottin via Facebook comment, 1/18/16
Got to meet JR Smalling at an Alive 75 Show in PA…  great dude and show!!!
 — Chuck Siuda, via Facebook comment, 1/9/16
Excellent job guys!  Just awesome!
 — Patrick De Montigny via Facebook message, 1/9/16


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Alive! '75 On Stage

"...one of the greatest KISS Tributes ever!"

— Michael Cavacini, Award-winning Arts & Culture Blog, 9/22/15

"Incredible!  When you sang Black Diamond –
it gave me chills!"

— Lydia Criss, back-stage at MCCC, 11/21/15

Spotlight: JR Smalling

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