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This is the closest that you're gonna get to the real glory days of KISS!”

JR Smalling, the "Voice" of the Alive! album and KISS' original Road Manager, 3/28/15

These guys put on a great show.  Trust me, you don't want to miss it.
 — Brian Matus via Facebook post, 12/23/15/span>

These guys are better than Kiss is now!
 — Michael Breden via Facebook comment, 12/8/15

I came to see the show at the Sherman Theater with my family on Dec 5th.  We drove 2 hours each way from upstate NY and it was well worth the trip!  You guys do a great job mastering every detail of the Kiss show and each member's persona.  I'm a drummer and a lifelong Kiss fan so I know every nuance of every song on the Alive! album including Paul's banter between the songs. The time and effort you must put in to get every aspect down is daunting. Plus bringing in people from Kiss history.  I certainly appreciated it and would recommend you guys to any Kiss fan.
 — Steve Lothridge via website contact form, 12/6/15

Great job last night.  I was 4th row center to witness a fantastic performance on every aspect last night.  Sound was great. Ace's guitar was out there right in you face during his solos.  Stage set up and lighting was stellar.  Loved the look of the fog rolling down the drum riser and off the stage.  Live fire breathing was awesome addition to your show.  Nicely done.  Cant wait to see you guys again.  Top-notch performance!
 — Mike Saba via Facebook message, 12/6/15

These guys are fantastic!!  Check them out!
 — Jason Miller, via Facebook comment, 11/29/15

You guys made me feel like I was back in time - thank you!  I had the time of my life…    and met Lyida Criss!  Thanks again for a kick ass night!  I will be back to see Alive! ’75 or should I say KISS!?  I say it once again I thought I was at KISS.  I been a fan since the 70s - you guys got it!
 — Lewie Wilson via Facebook message, 11/22/15
All I have to say is you guys Rocked tonight!!  I was in the 6th row!!  Every thing was spot on…  Thank you so much for keeping alive the Kiss music!!
 — Daniel Finney via Facebook message, 11/21/15
You Guys did a Kick-ass show - good times!
 — Dave Strouse via Facebook post, 11/22/15
Me and my wife had an awesome time, great show if your a kiss fan it's a must see!
 — Paschalis Cap via Facebook comment, 11/7/14

Saw you guys for the first time Friday night...

You were amazing!  Thanks for an awesome show!
 — Giuseppina DeFranco via Facebook post, 10/25/15

Thank you for being awesome!
 — Steve Loco via Facebook comment, 10/25/15

Alright well that was amazing lol.  First we wanted to tell you guys that your show was incredible.  The production was second to none and you guys recreated the show perfectly.
 — Shawn Callahan via Facebook message, 10/24/15

I feel like we had a chance to see something special!
 — Michael J Rudolph via Facebook comment, 10/9/15
Totally awesome kick ass show!
 — Lenny Card via Facebook comment 10/5/15
Loved the show at the Newt and just got our tix for the Sherman Theater show in Dec.  Bringing friends to the show.
 — David Green via Facebook post, 9/29/15

Gene and Paul would be proud!
 — William J. Miller via Facebook comment, 9/22/15

These guys are awesome.  Must see show for fans.
 — Tony Iaconette, via Facebook comment, 9/22/15

My wife and I saw Alive 75 last Sat at Newton theatre and it was great..  I was 14 years old when I first saw KISS in 1975 at the Capitol Theatre in Passaic, NJ. It was amazing to relive that moment.
 — Bob Kalawur via website contact form, 9/22/15

You guys are killing it!  Crowd packed to the ceiling!  Can't wait to see you again.
 — Facebook Fan, 9/21/15

I was in 107 Row A.  Awesome show.  Note for note perfect, blood spitting, smoking guitar, drums levitating, smashing guitar, fog, classic posing and stage antics, simulated fire, cool lights, free after show meet and greet signing autographs and posing for pics.  Can't wait until they come back!
 — Tony Iaconetti via Facebook comment, 9/20/15

 — John P Malloy via Facebook comment, 9/18/15
Great job last night, you guys rock!!!!
 — Bill Giangrande via Facebook message, 8/23/15

I had a great time!  You guys rock!
 — Bill McCormack via Facebook post, 8/23/15

Well that was fun!!!  Rock N Roll All Night...
 — Shelly Mortaretti via Facebook post, 8/23/15
I had a great time!!  I was at a KISS concert!!!  I’m ready to go again tonight!!  I swear that is one of the best concert's I have ever seen!!
 — Marcy Coxe Duffy via Facebook comment and website contact form, 8/9/15
Thank you all so much !!!  My son had the best time!
 — Paula Santos via Facebook post, 8/9/15
Thanks for a killer show guys!!!
 — Rus Devra via Facebook post, 8/9/15
That was a great time.  A pleasure to get to talk to JR and all of you.
 — Dennis Cardone via Facebook comment, 8/3/15

Probably the best KISS Tribute band I ever saw!!  EVER!!
 — Cory Ayers via Facebook comment, 7/10/2015

A must see for real KISS fans...  SO much more than another tribute band!
 — Eddie Holland via Facebook comment, 5/13/15
The closest you'll get to the KISS '75 experience.
 — Pasquale Vari via Facebook comment, 4/5/15
Awsome.  Would come see you guys again.  Highly recommended!
 — Robert Michaylira via Facebook comment, 4/1/15

The real boys should check out your AWESOME rendition.
 — Steven Schmalzried via Facebook comment, 3/31/15

Great show, what a way to top off our weekend in Pa!!!!  Made me realize what a great album Alive was all over again!!
 — Michael Streeter via Facebook post, 3/30/15

Well, I was at the show on Saturday night, and i was a bit hesitant about what to expect.  Well not anymore!!!  You guys brought it - the production was well above what I expected, bravo!!!  Everyone was true to the spirit of Kiss.  It looks like a lot of thought went into this show,not just your average trib band for sure.  I def will be back!  Drove an 1/1/2 hrs to see you guys, and it was def worth it.  Next time I will bring out my crue, to chk you guys out, and it was really great to see my old pal JR again, and his intro was the best!!!
 — Jeff Heffernan via website contact form, 3/30/15

Awesome Alive '75 you guys Rock 4 sure the real deal!!
 — William WillRock Trejo via Facebook comment, 3/29/15
Fricken awesome guys!!  Totally put a big smile on my face!
 — Jonathan Presnell via Facebook comment, 3/29/15

Dam you guys sound better than the friggan original Kiss - Rock On!!
 — Frank Holroyd via Facebook comment, 3/29/15

 — Steven Schmalzried via Facebook comment 3/29/15
This Gene Simmons looks better than the real one.
 — Darrin Beaudoin via Facebook post, 3/29/15
I LOVED the Alive! experience…  As silly as it may be, the confetti shower at the end is one my favorite life experiences of all time.  Can't wait to see you again!!
 — Joshua Mitchell via Facebook comment, 1/31/15
Can't wait to see show again and I'm bringing my sons with me this time!
 — Paschailis Cap via Facebook comment, 1/23/15

Easily one of the best Tribute bands out there…
 — Matthew E. Clifford via Facebook comment, 11/26/14

 — Keith via website contact form, 11/10/14

I saw your show at the Sussex County College tonight and was absolutely amazed!!  Such awesome drumming and the concert was clearly 1975 all over again!!! The founders of KISS, Gene, Paul, Peter and Ace would be so proud of you guys-thanks for carrying on the KISS legacy !!!!  Awesome job guys!!!!!!!!  You rock!!!!!
 — Daryl Case via website contact form, 11/9/14

Hey Guys...all my wife and I can say is, THANK YOU..!!!  The after party was awesome..  I have and will continue to share your page and our experience with all of our friends as well as other KISS fan pages..  REAL fans are not gonna want to miss one (or more) of these shows...
Bravo fellas, take a bow!
 — Eddie Holland via Facebook post, 11/9/14


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Alive! '75 On Stage

"...one of the greatest KISS Tributes ever!"

— Michael Cavacini, Award-winning Arts & Culture Blog, 9/22/15

"Incredible!  When you sang Black Diamond –
it gave me chills!"

— Lydia Criss, back-stage at MCCC, 11/21/15

Spotlight: JR Smalling

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