Support Partners

We are extremely grateful to the following business and service partners who through their support and generosity have proven to be invaluable in bringing Alive! '75 to life!  They are truly great to work with and we highly recommend their products and services should you ever have the need.

Everyone knows the only way to go back in time is through a time warp — and that's exactly what we do!  Thanks to Time Warp with Bill St. James we take you back to 1975 in style.  And with Bill St. James at the wheel for our journey back in time you can be sure it will be a spectacular ride!

Ben, Barry and the folks of VenueMagic provide the "magic" that brings our show to life.  Their DMX+AV platform provides complete control for all of our special effects and takes our giant illuminated KISS logo over the top!  Totally magic indeed!

The VOICE of the Alive! album and KISS' original road manager, JR Smallng of The Original KISS Krew is a great friend and mentor to the show.  And a prime source of his experience  is available to EVERYONE via "Out on the Streets – True Tales of Life on the Road with the Hottest Band in the Land".  It is a fantastic book filled with stories from KISS' formative years of late 1973 to mid-1976 and highly recommended for the classic KISS Fan!

Re-creating the magic of 1975, in more ways than one!  We are so grateful to have Len DeLessio in our corner to shoot many of our local shows — including our very first our opening night performance.  That's right, the same Len DeLessio that shot KISS in 1975 and so artfully captured that iconic time in KISS-tory on film is often behind the camera to re-create the same imagery for Alive! '75!  Now come on — how cool is that!?

We've worked with a lot of photographers over the years and Brian of Brian Matus Photography is one of our favorites.  Whenever we're performing on Long Island or in the NYC area, Brian is our "go-to" guy – he does an absolutely fantastic job capturing the visual spectacle that is Alive! '75

So much more than just looking the part — Loreen of works very closely with the Band in providing superior quality "stage-duty" custom spandex garments for the entire crew — our Catman, our Demon, our Spaceman and our Starchild!

Maureen and Jon of Perfect Time Sewing are an absolute pleasure to work with (and also happen to be a couple of the very-best people on the planet!)  Quick-fixes, custom-alterations and designs from the ground-up.  Awesome!

Jennifer of AF Designs is terrific to work with, and has produced stunning 1975-era replica guitar straps for our Demon, our Spaceman and our Starchild.  Absolutely excellent workmanship and phenomenal customer service!

We are very appreciative of Seth and the entire Team at Local Shirt & Sign for producing our fantastic silk-screened Alive! '75 concert T's.  Top-quality products and a pleasure to work with, Seth has been a great partner of Alive! '75 since the very beginning.  Highly recommended. Go local!

Jim, Chris and the Team at The Sign Connection worked very closely with us to create the perfect replica of a 1975-era illuminated KISS logo.  Pure classic look wrapped in modern technology and a totally awesome sight to see!

Past Partners...

Bryan, Karen and the Cultural Arts staff at Sussex County Community College were right there with us when we pitched this "crazy idea" on day one – this is where it all began and they were supportive and enthusiastic partners every step of the way!

Kim, Ricky and the Team at WNNJ were incredibly excited and supportive of our concept from day one and we are forever grateful to have had their promotions assistance and support for this Production!

Chris and the Team of Applebee's | Newton have consistently been supporters of Alive! '75. They were gracious hosts for our Promo Day celebration as well as our opening-weekend after-parties.  They are our highly recommended "Neighborhood Happy Place!"

The Holiday Inn Express | Newton provided local "Rock Star" accommodations for the Band and discounted room rates for our Alive! '75 fans on our opening weekend!  A great place to stay and totally cool with Alive! '75!

Mike and the Team at Carroll Musical Instrument Rentals provided a 1975-era back-line for our opening performances that would make KISS proud!  Raw, loud and pure 1975 attitude on stage thanks to Carroll Music!

Mike of All-Access Staging in Newton, NJ, was a key partner, providing all of the magic necessary to purr-fectly elevate the Catman's performance for our opening performances!

Halloween costume boots just don't cut it! Robert of   
Motor Cowboy designed and produced the one-of-a-kind 1975 replica boots for our Demon.  They are fantastic, stage-worthy boots that keep our Demon light on his feet!

Alive! '75 On Stage