What types of venues does Alive! ’75 perform in? Where can I see Alive! ’75?

An Alive! '75 experience is perfect in small to mid-sized theaters and concert halls (few hundred to few thousand seats); rooms that are big enough to support the full stage show, yet small enough to re-create an intimate feel.  We understand that the right sized room is another key element of the overall experience. 

Shows performed in large theater environments will generally include our 1970s Time-Warp elements, subject to each venue's capabilities.  Shows performed in clubs and concert halls are ordinarily limited to the tribute concert experience. 

And sometimes just for fun – and for a bit of nostalgic recreation of another sort – we will on rare occasion "squeeze" into smaller clubs with smaller stages for no other reason than that's what it was like with KISS in the earliest days.  Putting WAY too much fire-power on a tiny stage in a tiny room and simply blowing the roof off – it's just another way we bring the early, classic KISS experience to life. 

All three experiences are somewhat unique and at the same time entirely representative of those formative years.  All must be experienced to fully appreciate the dynamics of an Alive! '75 experience. 

The production is NJ-based and generally tours once or twice a month in the NJ/NY/PA area and surrounding northeast region.  We are always scouting for new venues to bring Alive! '75.  If you have a particular venue in mind where you'd like to see Alive! '75 perform, feel free to let us know via e-mail to info@alive75.com.