What about the 1976 and 1977 stage sets? Will you recreate those too?

The short answer, unfortunately, is "no."

We spared no expense and paid attention to every little detail in developing the 1975 stage-set when we originally brought "the Alive! album to life."  So much so, in fact, that JR Smalling himself walked our stage and told the crowd it was "like going back in time!"

But as much as we would LOVE to perform on the the late '70s stages, the fact of the matter is they are w-a-a-a-y too big to realistically recreate and present.  They were designed for, and used in, large arenas and stadiums – sadly, not something we can deliver in the more intimate theaters and concert halls that present Alive! '75.

And truth be told, we do have an affection for that early, massive "wall of sound" backline.  For Alive! '75, that raw and powerful presence of double-stacked Marshal amplifiers and Ampeg cabinets is a fantastic backdrop.  An absolutely a classic look and feel that supports the early iconic look!

So for 2018, we plan to sprinkle-in just enough of the Destroyer stage elements to keep things interesting!  That is, of course, wthout going completely "Broadway" with the stage-set – this is hardcore rock 'n roll after all!